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Executive – Speaker – Writer

Duane BensonA business systems expert, tech-journalist, speaker and industry pundit

Tech industry pioneer | Hardware, both OEM and EMS sides of the fence |
e-Commerce | B2B and D2C marketing | Corporate communications | Mentoring | Coaching | Crisis management.

30+ years in the electronics design and manufacturing industry, 1,500 articles published 75 speaking engagements and nearly two decades pioneering 21st century web-based manufacturing.

Global brand and communications leader with keen understanding of technology and human behavior. Accustomed to working with C-Suite & advising executive team on innovative solutions. Passionate about people motivation and management & brand alignment to achieve vision & goals of the organization. Energetic innovator by trade, known for bridging advanced concepts with familiar resonance to assist internal associates & external audiences. Extensive corporate communications portfolio with 20 years of speaking engagements and one million+ words published in media and commercial blogs.

For the Engineer Entrepreneur

Engineering is a world of endless possibility. It’s about taking the difficult and the seemingly impossible and creating from that, something that will make life better. Being an engineer entrepreneur should be easy. Right? You have a great idea and can build it with quality for a fair price. People should just know that and if it fits in their set of needs and budget, should just buy it.

That’s a great theory, but theory and practice don’t always hold up well in the face of reality. That is where marketing comes in. However, most marketing reference material isn’t written for the expert engineer. Most business and marketing consultants don’t speak the language of the engineer. That’s where I come in. From designing robot electronics, writing software and speaking and writing on technical subjects, I exist in both the engineering and business worlds. I know what it takes to build a successful business that lives up to the standards of a typical engineer entrepreneur and I can se that knowledge to give you the best possible chance of success.

QT/ODM Expert

I am one of the leading industry experts in QT and ODM (Quick-turn and On-Demand Manufacturing). QT/ODM takes what is traditionally a multi-week NPI (new product introduction) process and compresses it down to just a few hours. Today, I spend my time consulting, writing and speaking on subjects such as ODM systems development for the manufacturing industry, DFM (design for manufacturing), marketing for engineer entrepreneurs and all aspects of prototyping. My career started during the personal computer revolution, spanned the Internet revolution, and now reaches out into the connected autonomous world revolution.

I have extensive experience with: systems innovation, brand strategy, strategic marketing, product
marketing, social media, content marketing and media / public relations, global team
leadership and mentorship, internal & external communications, P&L and product lifecycle
management, VC pitches for startups, pre-IPO activities, website redesigns, CRMs including
HubSpot, Salesforce and Zoominfo, analytics platforms such as SEMrush and Google Analytics, front-end development, product management including cradle to grave hardware and major website development programs.

Twitter: @duanebenson
Linkedin: duanebenson

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In addition to business consulting services, Duane is available for speaking on a variety of electronics, manufacturing and B2B marketing topics as a keynote, panel moderator or technical session subject matter expert. Duane is also a widely published writer. Find articles from Duane on the portfolio page here.

You can find Duane Benson on LinkedIn at and Twitter at