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Teardown 2023 MCU to FPGA

Positive Edge Teardown 2023 Duane Benson

For those of you that attended Teardown 2023, I hope you enjoyed the experience. I certainly did and I had fun giving my session: “Take the Leap: From MCUs to FPGAs.” However, 30 minutes is hardly enough for more than breaking the surface on a subject such as the FPGA, so I’m bringing a bit more information on this post. You can download my presentation: Take the Leap: From MCUs to FPGAs here:

And, you can watch the presentation (start at about 1:27:45) here:

Teardown 2023: Track A, Day 3 – YouTube

If you have questions or want more detail on any of the subjects in my slide deck or want more information on FPGAs in general, please put your questions in the “Reply” box below. I’ll do my best to answer no later than the next business day.